Thursday, November 24, 2011

And suddenly it all makes sense...

So, I've been having to count Thor's movements for almost a month now, and it hasn't gotten any easier. Mainly because I am supposed to count ten kicks, nudges, etc. in a two hour period after dinner. And food seems to put my kid to sleep.

It didn't seem right to have to stimulate fetal movement by induing a sugar high, so I mentioned it to my doctor at my appointment on the 9th of November. Honestly, I thought he'd agree with me, and maybe we could come up with a different time of day to count kicks.

Instead we we ended up having this conversation:

Doctor: "You know what really, really works well to get the baby moving?"

Me: "No. What?"

Doctor: "Dr Pepper."

In other words, my doctor is kind of okay with me going on a sugar bender to completely freak out my unborn child. He is even fine with me having a little caffeine. All in the name of obtaining 10 movements in two hours.

So another couple of weeks passed and I started to notice something very interesting:

After Trevor eats, Trevor sleeps:

Obviously, Thor is just taking after his daddy.

No amount of sugar or caffeine in the world is going to counteract genetics, people.

And suddenly I am much less concerned about counting kicks after a meal. I figure I'll get them in during another two hour span during the day when the kiddo is actually awake and active. Without having to induce a sugar high for baby and sugar coma for mama.

I believe they call this a win-win.

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