Sunday, November 13, 2011

Yet another unattractive side of pregnancy...

Yes, that is my leg. Actually, no. It is my giant thigh.

As if the weight gain, cankles and the belly aren't enough, the pregnancy induced varicose veins are just icing on the bleeping cake. It looks like I have a series of bruises all up and down my leg, and one of those areas (which is the size of a silver dollar, by the flipping way) appeared some time between bathing the dogs this morning and taking a shower tonight.

What is it the teenagers say on Facebook? FML?

Yeah, exactly.

Granted, my genetics and history of bad veins pretty much guaranteed that all the treatments, surgeries and therapies I've endured over the years to fix my incompetent values would be undone by pregnancy. Still, it is hard (and a little depressing) to watch.

I keep trying to remind myself how bad it WOULD HAVE been had I not had all of said treatments, surgeries and therapies. I would be in agony right now. But the idea of starting over after Thor's arrival kind of makes me want to cry. Support hose are not my friend.

I guess I shouldn't complain. Thor is healthy. I am healthy. And at least my vein issue was caught early and is treatable. I guess my real concern is for the baby. I just hope he inherits Trevor's circulatory system!

Oh, and his hair. Definitely hope Thor gets his daddy's hair...

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Halley said...

So I had a dream this weekend that you went into labor while Trevor was away and you called me to come to the hospital but I couldn't get there because I was in the hospital! Crazy pregnancy dreams! Just keep reminding yourself that it will all be worth it when you hold baby Thor! I have to keep reminding myself every single day it's worth it!