Saturday, November 05, 2011

Top three reasons why Trevor is currently uninvited to the birth of his son...

  1. I was starting to brainstorm ideas for my sister's bachelorette, and one of them would (possibly) require me to go out of town for a weekend in February or March. Trevor's response? "You can't do that! Who will take care of the baby?"

    Me: "That would be you, Trev."

    Trevor: "But who will FEED the baby?"

    Me: "Again. That would be you."

    Trevor: "But I can't do that!"

    Me: "Yes you can. Because you are THE FATHER."

  2. He told me I wasn't allowed to ride in his new car if I went into labor. Why? Because I might leak. He later amended this statement by saying we could either take my car or he would consider putting a trash bag down to protect his leather seats in the event that my water broke.

  3. While getting dressed for bed he told me I looked like an old, fat man. Not pregnant and beautiful. No, no. Like an elderly dude with a giant beer gut. Because my hubby knows how to make a girl feel special at the end of a long day.

Since Trevor is currently a contender for father husband of the year, I've decided he is on a need-to-know basis when it comes to the whole labor and delivery thing.

And I am only sort of kidding.

I mean, obviously.

Can you blame me?


Knot said...

Maybe Trevor doesn't need to know about the mucus plug.

Deals On Wheels said...

Hahahahaha! Good thought!