Friday, November 11, 2011

An update on Trevor's boys weekend...

Trevor took Haskell to the ranch for the boys-only weekend, because...well, Haskell is a "boy" and Trevor was insistent that the little, dumb dog get to participate in whatever activities are on the agenda for said boys weekend.

It all sounds like a recipe for disaster, no?

I only agreed to let Haskell go, because Trevor was so excited about taking him. My one request, though, was that Trevor not take Haskell on any activities that involved guns or shooting (i.e. target practice or hunting). It had nothing to do with Haskell getting shot, and everything to do with how fast that little, dumb dog can run when scared.

See, the flight instinct is very strong with Haskell. As for the fight instinct? Yeah, not so much. Again, this is a dog whose first line of defense (when flight isn't an option) is to drool excessively. He would make a terrible and somewhat pathetic superhero.

(But you know he'd totally wear a cape. That is just the Haskell way.)

Anyway, I just kept imagining a gun going off and Haskell running blind and hysterical through pasture after pasture until no one - especially Haskell - knew where he was anymore. It would be a miracle if we ever found him again.

So, of course, what is the first thing Trevor takes Haskell to do today?

Yep. He took him to shoot targets at the creek. This elicited the following text message from my husband:

"So far we have learned that [Haskell] doesn't like gunfire."

Apparently, Haskell's reaction to gunfire surprised Trevor. Which surprises me, because...well, I TOLD HIM SO.

Shock and awe, I tell you. Shock and awe.

All this has me very confused as to why I even bother telling Trevor anything.

Luckily, Trevor had the foresight to hold onto Haskell. So when Haskell (oh-so predictably) freaked out at the sound of the bang, Trevor was able to keep Haskell from fleeing the county at a wide-eyed doggie sprint.

Trevor also reported later on that it took him quite a while to calm Haskell down, and he ended up having to drive my dumb, little dog all the way back to the ranch house and away from the gun range.

I'd say I was shocked again, but that would be a little overkill on the sarcasm, don't you think?

One day down, two more to go.

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