Tuesday, November 01, 2011

It may have been a bad summer, but my garden (somehow) survived...

Photo post of my resilient plants after the worst summer on record.

(I wanted to capture all the colors quick before winter happens and everything dies back until spring. Bear with me.)

My gardenia has two (small) blooms in dog run.

Azalea pulled through.

I even have tomatoes!

Note to self: Esparanzas do REALLY well in Texas.

As do lantanas (blurry plant in front)

My rose bush is back from the dead!

Orange zinnias.

Pink zinnias.

I have a soft spot for zinnias (in case you can't tell).

Female pistache is starting to turn.

Impatients that I had - literally - given up on over the summer.

Terrible photo but I love this color combination.

Mr. Mockingbird.

Big yard. Swoon.

My patio.

I imagine a swingset in the near future.


(the one I rescued from my grandmother's back in 2005 kicked it last February)

Did I mention I love zinnias?

Seriously. Esperanzas are awesome.

I love our yard!

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