Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Thor's First Baby Shower...

The shower was held at Melissa's house on Sunday at 11 AM.

The theme? Books for the baby! Isn't that awesome?

And, yes. I am stealing all the following photos off of Mel's facebook page (THANK YOU!):

The living room.

Cake balls, quiche and fruit.

Ginger muffins and salmon spread sandwiches.

Book banner.

Party favors (Hersey's dots are fabulous, by the way).

We played the string game...

...and I learned that most of my friends are a$$hats. Anni's was long enough to stretch floor to ceiling, Gretchen's was longer than she was tall and Kelly just kept pulling string out like it was going out of style. The smallest string won, thankyouverymuch!

Then Anni translated books into Spanish and read to Susie (who speaks English).

Photo with the fabulous hostesses.

I even let them touch my belly
(they deserved it).

Photo with Grammy Pammy and Auntie Amy
(who won the string game and used it as a reason why she deserved to grab my stomach).

Now Thor just needs to learn how to read!

~ The End ~

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