Monday, October 17, 2011

It was bound to happen sometime, right?

On Saturday night I rolled over when Trevor got home from the Ranger's game and heard a audible "POP" in my abdomen followed by a searing pain. It was all focused on the area right below my sternum; where my rib cage comes together above my stomach.

At the time I was pretty sure I was dying, but the pain actually subsided quickly and I wasn't even sore the next day. The weird thing is that I suddenly seem to LOOK more pregnant, and I have had several people comment on my baby bump since then. I guess the popping sound and pain were just my abs pulling apart to better accommodate el nino.

Or maybe Thor really does have a hammer in there.

In any event, I figured it was time to take another batch of belly pictures. My apologies in advance to Halley for taking the pictures myself and for wearing my usual black maternity t-shirt.

Depending on which due date you are using, I am either almost 30 or 32 weeks:


My life so far said...

love the pics!

Rachel B said...

Yeah! You do look pregnant! It only took you 8 months! :P

Halley said...

I see a bump! Apology accepted! Trevor's task this weekend is to take a picture of you!

Tracy Vogel said...

You look adorable Dealey!! I swear you have not gained a pound at all and just have a tiny bump. Pregnant women around the world must envy you!!

Hope to see you guys (+Thor) and the Awesome Pawsome soon!