Friday, October 21, 2011

For Phil... response to his commentary to THIS POST:


I mean, really: Are cardinals all that intimidating? I guess I don't get why multiple professional sports teams want to use them as their mascot. Panthers, yes. Giants, yes. Kings, yes. Cardinals, no.

Because cardinals are happy little birds that eat at my feeder in the springtime.

IF the Rangers lose another game, though, feel free to pose your cat, Sawyer, sticking his tongue out at a Rangers NHL jersey. Turnaround being fair play and all that stuff. ;P


Phil, Hil, CJ, and pics. said...

Much better, thanks.

Perhaps Cardinals were bigger 100 years ago.

And I suppose doubling your franchise world series game wins is cause for celebration. I imagine dogs everywhere had a sip or two in 1926 when the Cardinals won their second world series game. Kudos on the milestone.

Deals On Wheels said...

Wow. Trash talker!