Friday, August 22, 2014

Last day with Scott...

Scott's last day in our part of Colorado was spent doing a hodgepodge of touristy (but fun!) things in Durango and Silverton.  Like visiting the bees at Honeyville:

And posing for pictures on top of one of the passes just south of Silverton:

Scott is so sweet to offer to take pictures of my little family,
but I always get at least one picture of his finger and/or foot. ;P

Luckily, someone offered to get a picture of the entire group!

Watching the train arrive in Silverton (and scaring the bejeezus out of Banner):

Thunderstorm north of Silverton.
Ice Lakes looked like it was getting pounded.

It was more or less a day of rest because - believe it or not - Scott was actually TIRED and a little sore from the Ice Lakes hike the day before.  And they said it could not be done!

After lunch, we returned to the cabin where Banner napped and Scott packed.  Then, Trevor took him to the airport while Jeep and I took the little guy to WalMart for some much needed diapers pull ups.

Clearly, the next time Scott joins us in Durango, he needs to stay longer.  And play more board games.  ;P

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