Saturday, August 30, 2014

Banner talks (Colorado edition)...

This is my last Colorado post, I promise. It's just that Banner is finally getting to an age where he says the most hysterical things, and I wanted to document some of my favorites.

On haircuts:
Trevor:  "Wanna get a haircut when we get back to Dallas?"
Banner:  "Yeah! I wanna get a doughnut!"

On hiking:
"I wanna climb Rocky the Mountain!"

On playing chase in the front yard:
"Daddy don't chase me! I wanna be the monster!"

Some of the things we overheard as "Thomas" (a.k.a. Durango/Silverton the narrow gauge railroad) chugged by:
  • "Ah!  THOMAS!"
  • "Thomas time out!" 
  • "Thomas hungee!" 
  • "Thomas sleepy!" 
  • "Thomas say 'sorry'!"
  • "I wanna ride baby Thomas!"
  • "Ride Thomas today?"
  • "Oh, no!  I miss Thomas!"
  • "Thomas, where are you?"

On the tantrum he threw on the way back down from Ice Lakes while on mommy's back:
Me:  "Banner you did it, dude!  You are awesome!  That was a long day, buddy!"
Banner:  "No, I no awesome. I hit mommy."

On hiking (in general):
  • "I like hikin."
  • "Mo hike tomorrow?"
  • "I wanna ride in mama's pack pack."

On Ouray::
Me:  "Wanna go to Ouray?"
Banner: "No, I no wanna go my way!"

On Grammy Pammy:
  • "Jeep I got a cracker for you! Eat it!"
  • "Sad, sad Jeep!"

On songs he sang (a lot):
  • "Finkle finkle little star..."
  • "Wain, Wain go away!  Go again some udder day!"
  • "Mama, Mama, Mama!  It's BOOM CLAP song!  BOOM! CLAP!"

On proper pronunciation:
Mom:  "You need to teach him to pronounce 'bridge'!"
Trevor:  "Why?"
Mom:  "Because you going to get a call from his school!"

Speaking of, Banner mispronounces the following:
  • Calls Schnitzel "shizzle"
  • "I found it" sounds like "I farted"
  • "Push it" sounds like "bullish*t"
  • "Bridge" sounds like "b*tch"
  • "Goldfish" sounds like "doofus"
  • And "Percy" (the train) sounds like...well, you know.
At least we can finally say "truck" without causing little, old ladies to inhale sharply.  

Baby steps.

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