Friday, August 29, 2014

The flight home...

Our flight home on August 16th didn't leave until 4:30 PM, so we spent most of the day doing everything in our power to wear the little dude out AND not let him fall asleep.  It was a gamble keeping him awake.  It could have just as easily led to an epic airport meltdown, but we got lucky.

Of course, the weather threatened to not cooperate with our late afternoon departure.  And not just on the Colorado end, either.  Dallas had severe storms that afternoon, and I convinced myself that delays were imminent.  But, somehow, the stars aligned and we took off on time, and without incident. The ride home was pretty bumpy, but we arrived ahead of schedule so I'm not complaining!

Enjoying one of Jeep's homemade chocolate chip
cookies while waiting for our plane to board.

The absolute best was watching Banner completely conch out about 30 seconds after take off.  The flight was full of little ones (including a set of 18 month twins), and they were all screaming their little heads off.  But, for once, my kid wasn't one of them.  It was fantastic.  I read my book for two hours straight, while he used my lap as a pillow.  It was heaven.  

In related news, Banner isn't quite ready for hard candy or gum, but Mentos ended up being a lifesaver on this trip.  I don't know what inspired me to buy a roll at DFW on August 3rd, but I did and would offer Banner one whenever he complained about his ears hurting on the plane or while driving in the mountains.  Instant cure.  Not sure if this trick would work for all little ones, but I'm definitely keeping Mentos on hand whenever we travel in the future.  Or at least until Banner is old enough to chew gum.  ;P

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