Thursday, August 21, 2014

Ice Lakes 2014...

Warning:  This might be the most photo heavy post in the history of Blogger.  

On Sunday, August 10th, we completed our favorite hike for the first time in four years; all with the Ban-Man in tow.  

Granted, this isn't the most toddler friendly hike.  We were gone for over six hours, easily hiked eight+ miles and gained more than 2400 in altitude.  But we had Scott visiting from Denver, and it is always an interesting challenge to try and wear him out.  Plus, I figured there isn't a better glute workout on the planet than doing this hike with a 35 pound toddler strapped to your back.  And making it all the way to Island Lake (for the first time since 2007!) totally made up for the fact that the kid SCREAMED 90% of the way up there.  Seriously.  That's how much I love this hike.  I viewed the never-ending tantrum on my back as motivation to get up the mountain faster!  Because, OMG, why are your lungs so close to my ear?!

Anyway, please forgive the photo overload.  I simply can't help myself.  This is my happy place, and you never know when we will have the strength, motivation and good weather to make it up there again.  Had to (over) document it while I had the chance!

The photo where we finally realized
that I'm taller than Scott...

Abandoned mine.

Banner was SO happy when we arrived at the lower basin
because it meant he got to ruuuuuuuuuuun!

At the spot where Trevor proposed
(exactly six years and 5 days earlier!)

It was thundering when we reached the upper basin.
Because OF COURSE!

I've never seen the upper basin so crowded before...

Headed up to Island Lake...

Bless Scott for carrying Banner from the Upper Basin
to Island Lake, and back down to the Lower Basin.

Hello, Beautiful!

See the dot?  That's a person!

Where is Trevor?!

Another abandoned mine on the "new way down".

Asleep at last!!!

Back down.

Celebratory drinks at Montoya in Silverton!

Super Moon!

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