Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Highland Mary Lakes...

I'm pretty sure the last time we did the Highland Mary Lakes hike was in 2007.  For whatever reason, I never blogged about our hikes that year, which is too bad because we were prolific hikers that year.  I'm almost positive that was the summer we did Ice Lakes twice, explored Spencer Basin and discovered both the Highland Mary Lakes and Verde Lakes up near the Continental Divide.

Anyway, Highland Mary Lakes is a delightful hike just outside Silverton.  There are several extensions, and - back in 2007 - we hiked further than we did with Banner in tow this year.  And, honestly, we considered heading up to the Verde Lakes, but we weren't big fans of the thunderheads heading in our direction.  Which ended up being a good thing, because it rained on us on the way down and stormed on our way back into Silverton.

All in all, it this hike isn't as strenuous as Ice Lakes (about 6.5 miles roundtrip and 1500-1800 feet altitude gain), but has an equally gorgeous view as your reward.  Unless, of course, you are Grammy Pammy.  She absolutely hates this hike, but only remembers her strong feelings about it when faced with the boulder field less than a quarter mile from the first Mary Lake.

Seriously.  Want to hear GP swear like a sailor?  Take her on this hike, leave her on the far side of the boulder field and listen to her tell you that the hike "just isn't fun anymore".  But, to her credit, she's done this hike twice now, made it across the boulders (and back) and lived to tell about it.

But enough from me, here are some of the pictures from our final hike of the summer.  Just like with Forebay Lake, some of my favorites aren't included because they involve "potty training" at nearly 12,500 feet (actually some while waiting for GP to conquer the aforementioned boulder field).  Rest assured they are awesome and safely archived for Banner's rehearsal dinner!

"Mommy!  Mommy!  Take my picture here!"

Currently Jeep's FB profile picture.  Because ADORABLE!

Looking up towards the access to Spencer's basin.

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