Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Thomas and Baby Thomas live in Silverton, Colorado (apparently)...

Y'all?  Silverton has never been as cool as it was when Banner was in town  Because, according to the little guy, Thomas (as in The Train) lives there.  I don't think I've ever seen him so excited.

The engineers think it is hysterical to blow the train
whistle and scare the pants off the little ones.
(Note:  It is pretty funny)

Lunch with my favorite little man.

Despite the fact that Banner was game to ride the train 3+ hours back to Durango, we thought he would enjoy a shorter ride instead.  So we took him to a place we had not been in years; the Old Hundred Mine.  

Banner and his Jeep.

Riding "Baby Thomas" into the mine.

Underground his orange raincoat looked pink.
Everyone thought Banner was a girl.

Note:  2.5 year olds get very little out of the tour.

To cap off the experience, the little guy spent about thirty minutes panning for gold.  I wish we could say that we were retiring in luxury thanks to his efforts, but - sadly - no.

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