Sunday, August 24, 2014

That day we drove all day in a giant triangle to end up right where we started...

The idea was to drive to Ouray, have lunch and go on a hike.  Except we didn't have a hike in mind when we arrived, and ended up driving to Ridgway to walk on a bike path.  To be fair, we meant to go in the state park and look around, and...well, I'm not really sure what happened.  But then we saw that Telluride was only like 45 minutes away, and we all decided on a whim to go there for lunch.

Because who doesn't want to drive past Ralph Lauren's ranch on a rainy Wednesday afternoon? Which, for the record, was AMAZING.

Lunch was fun, and we all enjoyed seeing Telluride (only mom had been there previously), but nap time was QUICKLY approaching after an exceptionally heavy post lunch diaper.  Plus, iffy weather was moving in.  So, after a brisk walk and a little shopping, we were back on the road home.

Or so we thought.

Problem was, we decided to head south towards Dolores and Cortez instead of going back via Ouray like we had come.  Annnnnnd, yeah.  That was a mistake because it was much longer and took forever to get back to the cabin.

At least we can say we have done the entire loop now. ;P

And the game "Sad, Sad Jeep" was born!

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