Sunday, August 17, 2014


We've never spent much time in the summertime at the ski resort.  Mainly because of the whole no snow thing.  But we heard they had fun activities for kiddos, and figured we would check it out while we were acclimating.

As it turned out, most of the fun was for older kids and adults, but we did what we could and it ended up being a great way to spend a morning.

Random side note:  For WEEKS before our trip, I was plagued with these horrible nightmares about Banner falling in the creek behind my mother's cabin and drowning.  Morbid, I know.  But I just couldn't shake it, and I actually found myself dreading our vacation.  Because our kid never met a door he couldn't open, LOVES the water and that d@mn creek is RIGHT behind the house.

Then, on our first full day in Colorado, Banner fell in the fountain up at the ski area.  It had been designed to look like a small mountain stream, and the little guy slipped and got completely drenched.  Just like in my dreams, I was momentarily distracted when it happened.  Banner had sprinted away from me and I hadn't even fully computed that he was anywhere near the water until I heard the splash.

Luckily, the stream was only inches deep, not fast moving and Banner easily pulled himself out and was able to run to me in hysterics.  Because, you know, just like a real mountain stream, that water was freezing!

Wet trail from where he fell in to the safety of my arms.

The cold water, coupled with the shock of falling in, made a very real impression on Banner.  Mainly that the water in Colorado was oh-so very cold and he should stay away from it or he might fall in again.

It may sound silly, but I really believe that Banner was somehow predestined to fall in the water in Colorado, and I am so grateful that it happened in a fountain that looked like a stream instead of the real deal behind my mother's cabin.  From that day on, Banner was weary of the water, and would remind me whenever he saw it that it was "berry cold".  He threw rocks in it whenever he had the chance, but always from a (more or less) safe distance from the water's edge.

Still, I can't help but feel like I dodged a bullet.  I love that little guy with every fiber of my being.  The mere thought of something happening to really happening to him...makes my heart stop.

*Deep breaths*

But I digress.

Things that Durango Mountain Resort had to offer a very rowdy 2.5 year old:

1.  A bounce house.

2.  This bungie trampoline thingy.

Note:  my mother was HORRIFIED that we allowed her grandson do this.  But the kid loved every, single second.  I know because of all the laughter, and because he wanted to go AGAIN.

(He does look super tiny up there, though!)

Just in case the stills don't do it justice, there is VIDEO!

(Because OF COURSE!)

And what do you do after jumping three stories in a single bound?  
Summersaults on the wet grass, of course!

And, finally, here he is practicing his best mountain man look GQ style:

Next year, after Banner turns three, he will be old enough to do the alpine slide.  Ironically, the little dude was tall enough to ride this year, but the minimum age is 3 years.  He did have a good time watching the slides as they arrived back down the mountain.  A little something to look forward to.

(Unless you are me.  Those slides look terrifying.)

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