Monday, August 18, 2014

Forebay Lake 2014...

I've blogged about Forebay Lake bunches of times in the past, so I won't bore you with too many details.  It's just a wonderful hike for those who aren't looking for anything too strenuous or if you haven't been in the altitude for very long.  Or, you know, if you have a brand spanking new toddler carrier that you simply can't wait to try out.  

In hindsight, it was probably the best "starter" hike for the Ban-Man.  You only gain a minimal amount of altitude (like 350 feet or something), and most of the trail is wide and well defined.  And, believe it or not, the little guy walked all the way to Forebay Lake on his own two feet.  Granted, he complained much of the way there (hey, he's two), and I had to carry him back to the Jeep afterwards (sort of a given).  But, still, I was impressed and the little guy walked as far as he did.

Plus, we have a few STELLAR potty training Forebay Lake style photos that are simply too awesome to share.  Luckily, photos like that have a tendency to get even better with age. ;P 

But enough from me, here are some of the pictures:

Family selfie before walking back to the car.
(Banner was VERY happy to be on mamas back.)

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