Wednesday, August 22, 2012

So far, Banner does vacation well...

Chillin' at the cabin...

I was a little nervous about taking Banner on vacation.  Since he was born, he has only been out of Dallas county once (Rockwall).  Similarly, the only time he hasn't slept at home since being released from the hospital in January was last Thursday when I went mental during the aerial mosquito spraying.  In fact, I was so nervous about leaving that I barely slept a wink the night before we left and literally made myself sick on Monday morning.

But I really didn't need to worry.  Just like daycare is always telling me, Banner is an exceptionally easy going baby and just goes along with whatever.  Flying wasn't a big deal and neither is traveling to a new place and sleeping in a Pack-n-Play in the guest bathroom.  He has taken it all in stride and seems content just to be included.  He has quickly adapted to his new surroundings and has settled into a "vacation" routine.  Not sure if he is tired or if the altitude is to blame, but he has been sleeping 12+ hours a night since we arrived.  It has been marvelous.

(Cue great BIG sigh of relief from this mama!)

Knock on wood that our first vacation as a family continues to be relaxing, wonderful and stress free!

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