Monday, August 27, 2012

Kendall Mountain 2012...

The great thing about vacationing with my mother this year in Colorado is that we can finally take her on some of the hikes we've gone on in the past that we thought she would enjoy.

Take Kendall, for example.  She's seen the pictures from the last time we scaled the mountain, and has mentioned several times that she'd like to see Silverton from above.  It is a much rockier hike than the ones she normally prefers, but - as far as 13ers go - it isn't difficult at all.  Especially considering you can drive almost all the way to the top if you have a four wheel drive vehicle with enough clearance.  

Of course, like last time, we opted only to take the Jeep as far as the mine at the fork in the road and hike the approximately three miles (roundtrip) to the summit and back down again. 

Banner expressed his general discontent for hiking most of the way up, and - just before the last quarter mile push to the top - Trevor and I switched in the hope that riding on daddy's back would have a similar effect as it did during the Cascade Creek Trail.  It didn't and ultimately Trevor volunteered to return to the Jeep with the B-Man while my mom and I forged ahead.

Just like last time, we reached the top just in time to see the train arrive in Silverton below.  We couldn't have timed it better.  Mom and I would have hung around on the top for longer, but a thunderstorm was making its way slowly in our direction.  It fell apart long before it reached us, but we got sleeted on during the hike back down to the car.

Here are some of the pictures of the journey:


That's right.  She climbed that!

After making our way back down to Silverton, we decided to have lunch and a tasty celebratory beverage at the Silverton Brewery.

This time, though, we weren't the only a$$hat parents with a baby in a bar.  A mother and her 10 month old baby girl were also dining there, and Banner was SO excited to see another baby.  The two of the smiled, flirted and played while the grown ups looked on and nursed our beers.  We joked that Banner picked up us first girl in a bar this afternoon, and I thought he might cry when she was finally loaded into her mother's ErgoBaby and left when our food arrived.

Banner didn't even catch her name.  Which, hopefully won't be a theme when he starts dating as a teenager.

Luckily, Trevor was there to help distract Banner from the pain of watching his first love walk out the door of a Colorado microbrewery.

Aren't my boys adorable?  Not that I am biased or anything, of course.  ;P

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