Sunday, August 26, 2012

Cascade Creek Trail 2012...

Trevor and I did this hike last year and really enjoyed it.  At five miles round trip, it is longer hike than, say, Spud Lake, but no part of it is steep or difficult.  And both the waterfall at the end and the journey to it are picturesque with plenty of wildflowers, small streams and open meadows.  

Everything about the Cascade Creek Trail made me think that my mother would enjoy this particular hike, and I was right.  She loved it, and declared it to be one of her new favorites.

Banner was less than thrilled about the idea of hiking again today, but wasn't nearly as fussy as he has been on previous hikes.  It seems to help if we let him have plenty of "rug time" with his toys before cramming into a backpack for three or four hours.  Additionally, Banner seems to prefer his daddy carrying him over mommy.  I am, of course, basing this on how much he fussed on the way to the waterfall (when he was on my back) versus the way he most slept, laughed and babbled during the trip back to the Jeep while being carried by Trevor.

I am trying not to take this personally.

Anyway, we forgot bug spray this year, but the cooler temps seemed to keep the flies at bay.  And Trevor was sweet and fed and changed Banner at the waterfall while my mom and I climbed up above the falls and explored the area.  

And, as an unexpected bonus, on the way back to the cabin we saw wild turkeys just hanging out in someone's front yard!

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