Friday, August 24, 2012

Box Canyon Falls...

We learned about Box Canyon Falls purely by accident.  During lunch, the family at the table next to ours asked the waitress what she recommended doing in Ouray while they were in town, and this was the first thing out of her mouth.  

It wasn't mentioned in any of our hiking books, but that is because the area has been fenced off and turned in to a park.  There is a nominal fee for admission, but the waterfall is completely worth it.  

There are also several trails you can take depending on your energy level.  We chose to also hike to the bridge overlooking the falls, which links up with the Ouray Loop.  This was in addition to the waterfall and it offered spectacular views of the town below and surrounding mountains.  Nothing about visiting the lower waterfall, however, takes much time or energy.  We even saw a man on crutches doing it.   

(The trip to the bridge isn't difficult either.  Just plan on getting your heart rate up on the stairs.)

First, pictures of waterfall:

First time Trevor carrying his boy in the new backpack!

To the waterfall...

The bridge above.

Second, the bridge above the falls...

Grammy Pammy in the tunnel...

Can you see Trevor, GP and Banner?

I know it is a little bit like "Where's Waldo",
but this one is of me taken by Trevor.

Chipmunks eating the birdseed.

This is right before Banner passed out in the car
and slept the entire way back to Durango.

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