Friday, August 24, 2012

Baby Bath Tubs...

Apparently, there is a way to do this hike in only 0.6 miles will an altitude gain of 180 feet.  We didn't go that way.

We started in town because that is what the a$$hat hiking book recommended.  And it wasn't until we were halfway up the steep trail to the Amphitheater Campground that we realized that we could have JUST DRIVEN THERE and started at the actual trailhead.  But, you know, live and learn.  Plus, I just kept thinking about all the marvelous calories that we were burned during the hike to the hike.  It almost makes me forget that Banner SCREAMED in my ear for the entire trip up.  

Yeah, almost.  I am starting to think my boy isn't much of a hiker.  Especially considering I was doing all the work and he was just sitting there.

Anyway, we didn't realize that the Baby Bath Tubs portion of the hike was only a little over a half a mile from the trailhead.  So it was a little surprising when we left the river behind and started hiking through trees and meadows.  I can't tell you all the different trails we were on, but it made for a nice 3 mile loop just to the south of Ouray.  Only the beginning was difficult, and - again - that can easily be skipped by driving to the trailhead instead of starting in town and hiking up.  It all depends on your energy level.

All in all, this hike took us about two hours to complete.  The Baby Bath Tubs portion of the hike is relatively flat and easy and would be a good hike for people looking for a hike to do with kiddos.  But the extended loop we took wasn't difficult and made for a very pleasant walk in the trees.  I'd definitely recommend it.

But enough from me.  Pictures:

Hiking up from Ouray.

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