Tuesday, August 28, 2012

A walk is not a hike, unless you are Banner...

After hiking to the top of Kendall Mountain, we decided to have a day of rest.  We went into town for lunch (where mom fell in love with a local brown beer at Lady Falconburgh's), did some shopping (mom finally bought the boots she had been eying) and made sure Banner had plenty of playtime on the floor with his toys and boxes.

But the day was BEAUTIFUL and I couldn't resist taking a walk down CR 250.  My mom wanted to go, too, so we loaded Banner in the Bjorn so Trevor could take a nap on the couch without worrying about the baby, and headed out.

One of these days we are going to move to Colorado.  I don't know when (probably when we either win the lottery or secure jobs in the area), but it will happen.  And, hopefully, still while I am young enough to enjoy it.  I've always been a mountain girl at heart and find the landscape up there absolutely gorgeous in any season.  Plus, I'd love for Banner to grow up loving nature and the outdoors, and I can think of no better place to raise a family.

But I digress, here are some of my photos from a walk in the area near my mother's cabin:

These geese all decided to take off at once,
which scared the sh*t out of Banner.

All in all, I bet we walked two miles.  We would have gone farther, but Banner suddenly cued into the fact that "a walk in the Bjorn" is very similar to "a hike in the backpack" and threw a fit.  Had he been verbal, I'm sure he would have been screaming, "YOU SAID NO HIKING TODAY!  YOU PROMISED!"  So, we turned around and headed home.

Along the way, we passed my dream home and discovered it was for sale.  Not that I could ever afford it, but a girl can dream, right?

Sigh...one day I will trade my life in Texas for mountain views, weekend hikes, snowboarding and cross country skiing.  Until then, though, I am going to continue to relish every single moment I am fortunate enough to spend in my own personal mountain paradise each summer.  I am a lucky girl!

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