Thursday, December 22, 2011

Because Amy is fabulous, and I am trying to think positive...


Rachel B said...

I really would like to see that Christmas Special. Do you think that would be on the SyFy or Lifetime channel?

Amy said...

Twas the night before Christmas,
And Dealey was still knocked up
So I bought some tranquilizers
To put in her cup

I watched her eagerly
For with every sip
I knew any time now
My sister could tip

It took a few minutes
But she soon hit the floor
Just in time too
Because Saint Nick was at the door

We bound her with ribbons
And I sat on her tummy
I bounced up and down
While eating a cookie so yummy

Santa continued to pull
And I shrieked with joy
For I knew he'd soon find
That cute baby boy

Trevor looked panicked
But I told him to relax
We both knew he wanted a deduction
When he paid his tax

Santa looked pale
But with a smile on his face
Presented me with a nephew
Just before Dealey could spray him with mace

Dealey how could you
That was Santa you sprayed
We wouldn't need this nonsense
Had you not been so delayed

Then I wrapped up my nephew
And held him tight
What a wonderful present to get
As I kissed Thor goodnight