Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The post where I try to make up for my last post...

So, Trevor was embarrassed by my post about Gypsy's lastest "issue".

Because I can write about a whole host of topics from gas to snoring to Trevor's questionable bathroom etiquette, but it is a post about a medical condition effecting my dog's genital area that makes him hang his head in shame.

Or maybe it is just because I used the word "vajayjay" on the internet?

Whatever. Obviously the man is very sensitive.

Except nothing of interest really happened today so here is an advertisement that makes me laugh:

Not that I've actually breastfed or pumped at this point, but I find it hard to believe that being hooked up to such a weird contraption like a cow would make me so happy and relaxed. Much less make me want to call someone and have a conversation like I wasn't in the process of milking myself.

Plus, don't those things make noise? And wouldn't that lead to a conversation like:

Me: "What's up?"

Hypothetical Friend: "Not much. How's the baby?"

Me: "Oh, he is fine. Just napping."

Hypothetical Friend "Oh?"

Me: "Yeah."

[Awkward Pause]

Hypothetical Friend: "So, uh, what's that noise?"

Me: "What noise?"

Hypothetical Friend: "That noise. That noise right...wait, are you pumping? OMG, did you call me while pumping?"

Me: "No? I mean...maybe? Oh, the baby just woke up. I gotta go."


I am sorry. It just has weird written all over it.

But maybe that is just because I find the idea of milking myself comical and plan to do it only while locked in a closet or something. Not on the phone. Except for maybe with Trevor, but only because it might make him feel uncomfortable and I kind of live for those moments.

In other news, Trevor also commented that the last time one of our dogs appeared on my blog pre-baby could be with the Gypsy vajayjay post, and that is just wrong. So, to remedy that, here is a photo of our girls cuddling last week:

See? Cute!
Is everyone happy now?


what is reiki said...

nice blog :) i loved the dogs pictures.

My life so far said...

I was laughing out loud in the part about the pumps!! Too funny, and I not having experience in this area also find it funny that the lady is on the phone. Who would do that???