Friday, December 09, 2011

I might be watching Happy Feet while typing this post...

Had another prenatal visit yesterday, and...well, the best news is that I lost a pound. This brings my total pregnancy weight gain back under 30 (even if it is just 29).

I have also made progress in terms of dilatation and all that but I have no idea how much, because my doctor in the middle of giving me my stats for the week threw in one of those, "Oh, and by the way, you tested positive for Group B Strep". Which I had read about, but not really paid any attention to because it seemed like no big deal. And then I got home and completely freaked myself out by Googling it. Seriously, pregnant women shouldn't be allowed to use search engines.

The really sucky thing is that I have an upper respiratory infection on top of everything else, but my doctor doesn’t want to treat it with antibiotics because I now have to be given intravenous antibiotics during labor and delivery thanks to the GBS. Since no one knows exactly when Thor will make his debut (it could be tomorrow or it could be in two weeks), they don’t want to risk giving me an antibiotic now that could interfere with the antibiotic that I will have to take in Labor and Delivery. Plus, it probably isn’t ideal for the kiddo if he is exposed to so many antibiotics so close together.

So, in other words, I get to suffer.

The good news is that the infection is relatively mild. Which means I still feel like crap, but I am mostly functional. The bad news is that my immune system is suppressed thanks to el nino, so it could take my body weeks to clue into the fact that I am sick. And I’ve already been sick for a week now. Good grief. At least the doctor said I can take things like Mucinex and Robitussen, which seems to be helping with the deep cough. For the past week, I’ve only been allowed an occasional Tylenol, vapor rub and my netti pot. If I have to wait for my body to heal itself, I am happy to now have a little relief from the symptoms!

Also in the good news category is that people with normal immune systems are at a very low risk of being infected by me. So I was able to drag my ailing booty to the office every day this week without having to worry about exposing my coworkers. Trevor encouraged me to stay home and rest, but it was my last week of working full time. I just wanted to get as much checked off my "to do" list before the lunar eclipse and full moon. Not that either one will induce labor (because I am exceptionally unlucky that way), but a sick and pregnant girl can dream, right?!

But back to the appointment...

The worst part about the whole "I'm sick" thing was that my doctor got a phone call during my appointment from a family member who is also ill. He listened to him/her, said, “It sounds like you have a sinus infection. I will call you in a prescription”. And then he turned to me and was essentially like, “No drugs for YOU”. Which I guess I am glad about, because I really don’t want to risk hurting the baby. It is just that being sick on top of the whole nine months thing is just plain miserable, and I am so ready for all this to be over. I actually had a dream last night that I went into labor and was so relieved because that meant they’d make my nose, throat and chest better in the process!

Of course, if I do go into labor, my doctor is now on his way to Hawaii, so that sucks. He had originally told me he was only going to be gone a week, but he let it slip yesterday that he wouldn't be back until the evening of the eighteenth. So, for the next ten days I am just hanging out sick, pregnant and term without a doctor in the continental United States. Which, I guess, is no biggie considering there are probably loads of doctors out there that can play "catch" if the need arises. It is just that - if the kiddo DOES come - I have heard nothing but glowing reviews of my doctor's skills in the circumcision department. I've been reminding myself of this every time my doctor has annoyed me, but now he has taken his talents in the snip department and headed to a tropical paradise.

So, yeah: Awesome.

If you need me, I'll be watching bad movies on AMC Family.

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