Monday, December 19, 2011

Just in case you didn't believe me when I told you that pregnancy has made me a complete moron...

The following conversation took place between Trevor and I via text messsage between 3:49 and 4 PM this afternoon:

Me: "Buying stamps for thank u cards. Should I hold off on buying stamps for announcements or just buy say $50 worth?"

Trevor: "Go ahead since you are there"

Me: "Let's say we send out 150 announcements. How many stamps is that?"

Trevor: "Really? Think about it."

Me: "Shut up and tell me"

Trevor: "150. [Pause] Wow."

Me: "Ok. I asked the wrong question. How much do I spend? Is fifty dollars enough? Or do I need more? [Pause] Stop laughing at me a$$hat."

Trevor: "Tell them you need 150 stamps. They will tell you how much you owe them"

It is sort of amazing that I can remember my own name at this point. Seriously.

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