Sunday, December 11, 2011

The post where Trevor goes out of his way to make me look like a fat a$$...

It's been three weeks since my last series of belly pictures, and I've been getting a lot of requests. Mainly, from people who are convinced that my belly is going to spontaneously pop before this whole thing is over. And since I am considered term now (regardless of which due date you are using), I guess I should be more diligent in my documentation.

If you are me, or someone who knows me, it is pretty clear that I am as wide as a house. I feel huge.

However, if you are someone who rarely sees me or a complete stranger (like the guy at Sprint on Friday who sold us our new iPhones) I either look barely pregnant or not pregnant at all. Trevor had to back me up to the Sprint salesman that I really was nine months gone and could give birth at any time. I'm not sure he bought it, though.

Anyway, as always, you be the judge. And sorry in advance for the sweats. I'm still under the weather, and simple things - like getting dressed - are really just too much effort at this point.

And because Trevor says that none of the above make me look pregnant enough, he had me hold up my shirt in the kitchen and took pictures of my bare belly from the most unflattering angle he could find.

This one wasn't good enough apparently, so...


See?! Complete larda$$. I can't wait to have my abs back.

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