Sunday, December 04, 2011

What is worse than being nine months pregnant?

Being nine months pregnant and sick with a sore throat, fever and body aches.

I've literally been in bed since Friday night.

So much for my to do list.

I just feel bad for poor Trevor. My hubby has taken such good care of me! He has had to wait on me hand and foot, take my temperature, try to get me to eat, force feed me Tylenol (so I wouldn't hard boil our baby), etc., but at a price. He has gotten to do none of the fun things we had planned for this weekend.

At least he hasn't had to fight me for the TV remote control in the den. If any good has come out of this weekend, it is that Trevor has been able to watch all the football that his little heart desires. Still, this is one of the last weekends we will have that it is just the two of us. It would have been nice if I could have been a little more, I dunno, interactive.

Plus, with all the cold and rain, it would have been the perfect weekend to pick up our new iPhones and see movies like IMMORTALS (a.k.a. "Immortales", if you are Trevor). And, well, there is always that blasted nursery that needs finishing.

Sigh...maybe next weekend.

(Sorry, again, Trevy! I didn't mean to get sick, honest!)


My life so far said...

Love that you got new iPhones. Hope you feel better soon!

Deals On Wheels said...

But we didn't get new iPhones. We were just SUPPOSED to get new iPhones. Alas! Poor Trevor. Maybe this week! He has been waiting since his birthday!