Tuesday, December 06, 2011

It might matter more if we weren't actually married. Maybe...

So, I haven't worn my wedding ring for a couple of weeks right now.

Trevor says it is because I get a kick out of people getting the wrong impression. I never took his last name, and now I'm walking around pregnant and seemingly unwed.

It is fantastic.

Of course it would be a lot more fun if, say, strangers could actually tell that I'm pregnant and not just fat.

In reality, though, I am forgoing wearing the ring because my body has decided that I am allergic to it. It has been fitting just fine. Until, that is, my finger started to swell inexplicably. But even then it was tolerable, and I could slide it off without issue at the end of the day. Except that my ring finger started to develop this nasty itchy red line where the ring sat on the skin, and it stopped going away between taking my ring off when I went to bed and putting it back on in the morning. So, I decided to not wear the ring for awhile to see how long it would take for the red line to go away completely. And, well, I am still waiting.

Granted, the line is pretty faint at this point, but it seems unwise to tempt fate and put the ring back on. At least not until I get the ring thoroughly clean. And, well, have Thor and get my regular immune system back. Because my head still itches and I sort of think pregnancy has made my epidermis extra sensitive. Especially considering that I've always had an allergy to metal. I'm guessing all the pregnancy hormones and/or the suppressed immune system is somehow to blame.

Or maybe Thor will physically embody my irrational fear of commitment?!

(Hey. It could happen.)

On the flip side, Trevor hasn't gone longer than a few hours without his since our wedding. And most of the time he has spent without it was because I stole and hid it from him. So, when we go out to dinner and what not, it probably looks like I am Trevor's pregnant (or obese) mistress. Which, if you are completely unfazed by appearances (like I am right now), is pretty, freaking awesome.

Cut to Trevor's eye roll here.

(Love you babe!)

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