Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Sometimes being a museum geek has its perks...

A bunch of us had the opportunity to visit the temporary storage facility for the Bush Library today, and take a tour. Photos weren't allowed in most of the building (for security reasons), but we were allowed to snap away in what the staff called "The Bling Room".

It was very cool:

Autographed baseballs, bat and Bush's 2010 ALCS ring.

Trevor would have drooled over these.

The ball standing up was signed by Ted Williams.

The signatures on the bat weren't too shabby, either.

The infamous bull horn.

A sample of Bush's extensive boot collection.

This pair had the White House on the front and the Texas State Capitol on the back.

Jewel encrusted stirrups.

Apparently, Mrs. Bush never wore the entire set at the same time.

The Pope sat in that chair.

There were several other things in "The Bling Room" that I never got an opportunity to photograph, but wish I had. Especially, a print that was dedicated the morning of September 11th, 2011 before the attacks began. Not only was it historically significant because of the date, but the glass in the frame had turned green after being radiated during the subsequent Anthrax scare.

Regardless of how you feel about the former President or his politics, it was a history nerd's playground. Very, VERY cool.


My life so far said...

I CAN NOT wait for it to open and see everything!!!! Ben and I went to the LBJ Museum recently and I LOVED IT!!! That was my first ever trip to a presidential museum! Random question for you, do you know how many presidential museums there are and which president has the first one???

Deals On Wheels said...

FDR started the whole Presidential library thing, but I think Hoover (who was still around at the time) jumped on board and has one as well. So, technically, the first one would have been Hoover's even though it was FDR's idea.


Bush I
Bush II

Additionally, there are other libraries for presidents that are not a part of the officially sanctioned NARA ones. They are run by private foundations or societies. Or, in the case of Lincoln's library, by the State of Illinois. Not sure off the top of my head how many of these there are, but they include Presidents like:

JQ Adams

There might be more that I am forgetting. Memory is not super reliable right now, but you could probably google it or something to find out more!

Hope that helps!