Saturday, December 31, 2011

It is beginning to look more and more like I'm carrying a 2012 baby...

As the minutes continue to tick by, it looks less and less likely like I will be a mother in 2011.


But, you know what? I've totally made my peace with it and have moved on. Well, waddled away uncomfortably at least.

I've done everything I can think of to do. It is up to Thor now. Might as well let him come when he wants to. Or, if he waits until Wednesday's appointment, when the good doctor tells me we are inducing. Either way, it isn't up to me.

All this probably explains why I didn't get out of bed until noon and watched four episodes in a row of Parenthood. I've always liked to pretend that I have some sort of semblance of control over things, and giving up that illusion generally involves chocolate and watching way too much TV. Today was no different. And, by the way Trevor, we are out of chocolate milk. Again.

(Have I mentioned that I've been consuming a disgusting amount of milk - skim, chocolate and otherwise - over the past five or six weeks? No? Well, I have.)

In other news, my entire family except for dear Auntie Mimi and Trevor have left town for New Years. My dad, brother and sister are at the ranch and my mom went to Bonham. Cell phone reception at all of these places is known to be spotty at best, which might explain why most of them are now convinced I will go into labor at any second. Or maybe once they all have a glass or two of champagne or wine in their system and they can't drive anywhere until morning.

If it works, the kiddo has totally inherited my sense of humor.

Here are my last belly pictures of 2011. They were taken this morning. Please take a moment to properly bask in my +/- 41 week wideness:

And in closing, here is the final sunset of 2011 as seen from my bedroom window:

Happy New Year's Eve!!!

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