Thursday, December 01, 2011

Trevor doesn't get nostalgia...

We've been all set up for Christmas for about a week now. We figured it was best to start early since Thor could more or less come at any time.

Anyway, yesterday, after the gym, Trevor and I had dinner with Amy and Adam and it was revealed that Amy somehow managed to "borrow" some of our childhood ornaments from my father. I asked if there were any that she wasn't using and she mentioned that she had set aside some ornaments with my name on them (things commemorating my first Christmas, misc. ornaments that I had made as a child, etc.). So, after dinner, we ran by their house to, you know, see what we could see.

Of course, Amy had gone through all the ornaments and used the best ones for her tree (read: the ones that weren't broken, cracked or otherwise, as Trevor described, "weird"). But that didn't stop me from going through the remaining dregs looking for little additions for our house.

Trevor was sort of okay with the handful of ornaments that Amy had set aside for me. Well, except for the small upside down flower pot that I had turned into a bell when I was seven. Trevor obviously has no imagination.

But the flower pot was - apparently - golden next to some of the other ornaments I pulled from boxes and added to our pile. Mainly:

The moth eaten teddy bear...

...and the freaky eyeless snowman made out of yarn.

I also selected a headless rocking horse, a giant, red stuffed mouse and several handmade birds with broken wings sitting on seed pods.

Hey, they remind me of my childhood.

Plus, I saw Toy Story III recently and I kept imagining the ornaments being all excited that they had been rediscovered after 15 years, only to be put back in the box again.

You just can't do that to inanimate objects.

(Amy might have brought this up which may or may not have made me cry. Which may or may not have caused everyone else to laugh and stare at me and Adam to forever record the moment by taking a photograph of the laugh/sobbing knocked up freak holding a partially balding Raggedy Ann doll trying to make a case to her husband about why she should be allowed to keep her.)

Of course, Trevor didn't completely mock all my choices. He was completely fine with adding Drunk, Caroling Santa to our collection:

I mean, who wouldn't want an inebriated Saint Nick to polish off their holiday decor?!

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